Class Descriptions

Toddler Play Class

Toddler Movement Class

Perfect for toddlers seeking repetition and exploration of binary concepts such as in/out, top/bottom, over/underand loud/quiet. Through pretend play and small group activities children explore age appropriate obstacle courses and musical instruments building a love for physical activity.  

Art Lab

Art and Science Together

Art Lab is an art and science class designed for children aged 2 to 6 who are ready to explore nature, science, and art through investigation of materials and the environment. Using mind and body together children build an understanding of concepts through study, ideas, hypothesis and observation.

Adventure Club

Let's Move!

Art and  Story concepts will be explored with a new theme each month.   Art, movement, and science activities will fill this 3 hour session with fun!  Going on a Bear Hunt, Dinosaur Playground are  just two examples of themes explored in this class.

Preschool Sports

A little bit of everything

Hockey, Basketball, golf, kickball and so much more! Through song and dance activities preschool age children learn simple stretches and basic sports skills. Children explore movements that are most comfortable to them and through repetition build confidence to try new things. Designed for children age 3-5.

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